December 30, 2012
tw: body image, overexercising

I was really concerned when someone I deeply cared about started exercising for a minimum of 18 hours a week. Sometimes, she exercised 6 hours in one day. She’s not an athlete, nor was she training for anything. Her thinness scared me, but what worried me most was her attitude towards exercise. Early on, before she started exercising so much, she mentioned that she was proud to be losing weight. She was upset with me when I told her I was concerned about her rapid weight loss and the amount of time she exercised. I guess I was so concerned because I know she is likely to punish herself through exercise. I also know how easy it is for dieting to become unhealthy.

I feel hypocritical, because I’ve been exercising more. My goal is to get up to 21 hours a week. And I know it can be unhealthy. But I want it.